In Majorca since 1921
DURAN has been a leading company in the habitat sector for over 90 years.

«As demanding as you are»

Synthesise the unconditional values of some of our founding entrepreneurs. For almost a century, these values have become integrated with current values, and become in turn a future project. “Demanding” as an adjective allows us to explain our evolution over the last decades.

It is difficult to understand all this without having met these people who are undoubtedly hard-working and austere. These people have high and demanding expectations of themselves.

Commitment, trust, solvency, prestige: all these and more are concepts which have been linked to the DURAN brand for over 90 years. “Demanding”, of course, continues to be a buzz word. Demanding above all with ourselves, with our service, our shops and our providers. Being demanding has allowed us to be who we are nowadays, obliging us to be innovative and evolve with new commercial formats and new areas of business which continue to drive the company. Our centres continue to improve every day, and are already a reference in the sector. This is, and will continue to be our philosophy.

Our mission is to cover all the needs of a construction project, via specialised advisory services. We are specialists in each segment of a project, such as bathroom or kitchen design, and we always use the best construction materials.

Credibility, versatility, personalised service, implication, brainstorming, experience: all these and more are attributes that DURAN is based on.