Welcome to MADD, Majorca Design District, where design and living stand out.

District 07180 is not just a postcode, but a destination, boasting an exclusive selection of Interior Design, Real Estate, Construction and Lifestyle companies. MADD continues to grow and demonstrates that there is more to Calvià than sun and beaches – it has its own living identity and stamp.

The association came about naturally, as several top level companies were already located in this excellent South-East corner of the island, which is just 15 minutes from Palma and very accessible. After a lot of hard work and support from the Calvià town council, this pioneering project took form, and continued to grow as new companies opened.

The tree-lined streets and planned parking spaces make MADD a trendy shopping district where visitors can discover showrooms from leading companies, situated close together, and end the day relaxing on a terrace. In the future, the plan is to schedule shows to promote art, design and creativity in the district, turning this area into a new fashion destination. You will find everything you need at 07180.

The association was born naturally due to the fact that some of the first-rate companies are located in this excellent location in the southwest of the island and easily accessible, 15 minutes from Palma. Thanks to our work, and with the support of the Calviá City Council, we have made this pioneering project on the island a reality, which will grow with the arrival of new openings.

The tree-lined streets and planned parking spaces will make MADD a trendy shopping place, where visitors will be able to see the showrooms of the most cutting-edge companies, located within walking distance of each other, ending the day on a terrace. Events are planned in the future to promote the district’s art, design and creativity, making this area the new hot spot. At 07180, you will find everything you are looking for.

07180MADD, the living district of reference



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INTERIOR Interiorismo

The best showrooms on the island are at the MADD with great professionals behind to help you complete the stay of your home, acquire a decorative detail, or expand the terrace with the most attractive furniture, making each space a completely unique place. Ver más

In MADD you find the highest category real estate firms. Its professionals have a great knowledge of the local offer and will guide you throughout the process of buying, selling or renting a property, offering the most personalized attention. Ver más Inmobiliaria

In the district you will find major yacht storage brands and a leisure offer that will continue to grow, with new openings of wellness centers, gyms and restaurants where you can relax after shopping.
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CONSTRUC Construcción

MADD construction companies have a long history. They are specialized in the construction of houses, rehabilitation and reforms, following the highest standards of design and quality. Ver más